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assl (Agglomerated SSL) was written in order to hide the awful OpenSSL API. It strives to reuse the [OpenSSL] APIs and provide a much simpler and sane interface for programmers that are interested in writing applications that require the SSL/TLS protocol for secure communications. All code is written under the ISC license. The code currently is under heavy development so check this site often to pick up on new things and bug fixes.

Please read the man page for a more detailed explanation.

Installation and use

On OpenBSD go into the assl directory and type:

make obj
make depend
make includes
make install

This will compile and install libassl.* in /usr/local/lib. To test the library go into the examples directory and run the following sequence of commands:

make obj
make depend

To run the examples the server go into the server directory and type:


for the blocking server example, or


for the nonblocking example. The client is similar; go into the client directory and run:


for the blocking client example, or


for the nonblocking example.

ASSL Resources