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#1 2013-03-23 09:09:36

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spectrwm 2.2.0 released!

* Change validation of default 'optional' programs to only occur when the respective config entry is overridden, not when the binding is overridden.
* Added details to the man page and spectrwm.conf on how to disable/override the default programs.
* Change key grabbing to only grab ws binds within workspace_limit.
  - NOFOCUSONMAP: Don't change focus to the window when it gets mapped on the screen.
  - FOCUSONMAP_SINGLE: When the window is mapped, change focus if it is the only mapped window on the workspace using the quirk entry.
* New ws_next_move and ws_prev_move bindings to send a window to the next/prev workspace and switch to the workspace.
* Fix fullscreen layout stacking issue when running with multiple regions.
* Fix input focus issue with multiple regions when changing region focus with the keyboard.
* Fix manual focus mode; pointer motion over an empty region no longer changes region focus.
* Fix building on OSX.
* Fix expansion of ~ for the keyboard_mapping path.
* Fix segfault that can occur when the XCB server connection is lost.
* Remove path from Linux spectrwm.desktop.


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