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#1 2012-10-30 11:23:44

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spectrwm 2.1.0 released!

New configuration options:
- tile_gap: adjust spacing between tiled windows.
- region_padding: adjust spacing between tiled windows and the region border.
- bar_border_unfocus[x]: border color of the bar on unfocused regions of screen x.
- bar_enabled_ws[x]: set the default state for bar_toggle_ws on workspace x.

New bindings:
- rg_<n> - focus on region n, default is MOD-Keypad_<1-9>
- mvrg_<n> - move window to region n, default is MOD-Shift-Keypad_<1-9>
- bar_toggle_ws - toggle the status bar on current workspace, default is MOD-Shift-b.

New argument variables for program spawn:
- $region_index
- $workspace_index

Improved bar_action handling to eliminate the need for bar_delay.
Renamed screen_* bindings to rg_*; config files using the old bindings are still supported.
Fixed handling of region focus with empty workspaces.
Fixed toggle_bar not working on empty workspaces.
Fixed issue where multiple key actions might be handled simultaneously.
Fixed focus behavior when iconified windows exist in the ws.
Fixed windows not being unmapped on single-monitor fullscreen layout.
Fixed mouse and keyboard binds to work regardless of caps/numlock state.
Fixed a couple segfaults.
Fixed a couple memleaks.
Kill bar_action script oAn an unclean exit.
Add startup exception mechanism that display error messages in the bar.
Add config file check that uses startup exceptions to tell user if the file has issues.
Add runtime dependency checker that uses startup exceptions to tell user if something is missing.


#2 2012-11-03 04:30:30

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Re: spectrwm 2.1.0 released!

Very nice release. It's working very well for me. I'm very glad you added the tile_gap feature. Thanks.

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#3 2012-11-04 10:22:33

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Re: spectrwm 2.1.0 released!

I find tile_gap useful, as well.  Thanks for the release!


#4 2012-11-09 04:42:00

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Re: spectrwm 2.1.0 released!

And thanks for fixing the bug in 2.0.2 that stopped imagemagick working.


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