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CYPHERTITECTL(1)            Bitrig Reference Manual           CYPHERTITECTL(1)


ctctl - cyphertite control utility


ctctl [-D debugstring] -F conffile command


The ctctl command enables changing the crypto passphrase or culling old data. The options are as follows: -D debugstring Turn on debugging output. debugstring is a comma delimited list of the following types: socket Low level socket routines. config Configuration parsing. exude Memory debugging. xml Xml commands. all All of the above. -F conffile Use the specified file configfile as the config file. The commands are as follows: cull removes ctfiles older than ctfile_cull_keep_days in the specified conffile. Only ctfiles that are not referenced by later ctfiles are actually removed. secrets upload upload the current encrypted crypto secrets file to the server. secrets download download the crypto secrets file on the server to the local machine. secrets passwd prompts for a new crypto passphrase and writes the new one in the specified conffile. secrets generate prompt for a crypto passphrase (if not specified in config file) and generate a new secrets in the specified conffile. secrets delete delete the crypto secrets file from the server. config generate generate a new configuration file for cyphertite 1 interactively.


cyphertite(1), cyphertite.conf(5),


ctctl was written by Conformal Systems, LLC. <>. Bitrig 0.1 October 12, 2011 Bitrig 0.1

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