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CYPHERTITE.CONF(5)        Bitrig Programmer's Manual        CYPHERTITE.CONF(5)


cyphertite.conf - Cyphertite configuration file


The cyphertite.conf file contains configuration information for cyphertite(1), the client that provides a privacy-driven encrypted remote archive. Configuration settings consist of a configuration item name, an equal sign, and the value to assign. Lines beginning with `#' are comments. Blank lines are ignored. If any of the configuration values contain a literal `#' or `\', they must be escaped with a `\'. This means they should be entered as `\#' and `\\', respectively.


There are a few settings that affect the operation of cyphertite(1) bandwidth = number Limit the upload bandwidth used by cyphertite. The amount of data per second sent to the server will be limited by this value, specified in kilobytes per second (KB/s). If not set, the default is to not limit upload speed. cache_db = file Specify the location of the cache database. If not set, caching will be disabled. (It is advantageous to run with caching enabled, except when running multiple concurrent instances of cyphertite(1), in which case caching should be disabled to prevent database conflicts.) ca_cert = file Specify the path to the certificate authority file. cert = file Specify the path to the client certificate file. crypto_passphrase = passphrase Specify the passphrase of your crypto_secrets file. Optional. cyphertite(1) will prompt for this if it is not specified. crypto_secrets = file Specify the file that will hold your secrets. host = hostname Specify the hostname to connect to. hostport = portnum Specify the port to connect to. key = file Specify the path to the client certificate key file. ctfile_cachedir = string Specify the path to the directory to be used to cache ctfiles in remote mode. ctfile_cachedir_max_size = size Specify the maximum size of the ctfile cache directory. If this is set then when the size of the directory is larger than this directive the oldest files will be deleted from the cache to make the cache directory take at most [size] bytes of space. [size] may end with a letter to signify units, for example a value of 128M would equal 128 megabytes. ctfile_mode = (local|remote) Specify whether to operate in local or remote ctfile mode. The default is local. If remote mode is set then the [ctfile_cachedir] option is required. See cyphertite(1) for a description of the different ctfile operation modes. ctfile_cull_keep_days = days Specify the number of days after which remote ctfiles will be removed when running the cull command of the cyphertitectl(1) utility. All unreferenced data as a result of removing those ctfiles will also be removed. ctfile_remote_auto_incremental = (0|1) Specify if incrementals should be generated for remote mode. This only applies for remote ctfile mode. ctfile_max_incrementals = number Specify the number of incremental backups to perform between full (level 0) backups. For example, setting this value to 6 would instruct cyphertite to perform one full backup followed by 6 incremental backups. Assuming backups are performed daily, the aforementioned value would result in a full backup once per week with 6 days of incremental backups. password = string Specify the password with which to authenticate. Optional. cyphertite(1) will prompt for this if it is not specified. polltype = (kqueue|poll|select) Specify polling method used by event(3). session_compression = (lzo|lzw|lzma) Specify the compression algorithm to be used for writes. (On reads, cyphertite.conf will transparently handle any of the compression algorithms.) username = string Specify the username with which to authenticate. upload_crypto_secrets = (0|1) Upload the encrypted secrets file to the server after login. If a newer file has been uploaded to the server then it will be downloaded and used instead, this also applies if no local secrets file is found. If this option is disabled then any secrets files on the server will be deleted the next time cyphertite(1) is run.


/etc/cyphertite/cyphertite.conf Default configuration file. ~/.cyphertite/cyphertite.conf User configuration file.




The Cyphertite suite was written by Conformal Systems, LLC. <>. Bitrig 0.1 October 12, 2011 Bitrig 0.1

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